The foundation of any good product is the print in which it was produced by.  At BWM Services we pride ourselves on our ability to produce quality prints.  We utilize Solid Works Modeling Software to produce our drawings.  We have the ability to take your concept from an idea to a functional print or utilize an existing part to create a drawing.

The ability to produce quality drawings has a direct correlation with our ability to replicate the production of the part.  Whether you order the same part every month or once a year we can utilize the prints to ensure you get the same quality parts every time. 

About Our Drafting Services

In this department we have over 30 years of experience in drafting and over 25 years with Solid Works Modeling Software.  We put a high value on quality prints and work hard to ensure that we consistently produce the best possible.  This is the starting point for any production part and demands accuracy.  Allow us to help you get your project started off in the right direction.