We use the latest machining technology and equipment to ensure your project is done efficiently to suit your needs.

About Our Machining Services

Our machining services include:

  • Maintenance machining
  • Short-run production machining
  • Prototype machining
  • Vertical lathe can turn 68" OD material up to 46" in length
  • Manual machines to allow for a quick one-time task that does not require a CNC machine
  • CNC machines to ensure accuracy and replication to product parts with multiple quantities
  • Traditional lathes have the capacity to turn 1/32" to 28" OD material up to 110" in length
  • CNC mills have a diverse size range with our largest machine having a travel of 11' X 40" X 36"
  • Other equipment includes keyseaters, a bolt threading machine, and a drill press